Articles (formerly 'Audio Note Philosophy')

The "Ankoru Writings" of Andy Grove (its creator)
for Sound Practices magazine

Are You on the Road to Audio Hell?

So You Thought Your Amplifier Was Balanced?

Black Gate Capacitors Essay

The Black Gate Story

Audio Note Performance Level System

The Negative Effects of Feedback

The Audio Note™ Transformer Design Philosophy

The Audio Note™ Group C, Double C-Core Output transformers
Shortform Introductory Article

  Technical Articles

Measurements of Amplifier Peak Output Voltages Under Dynamic Conditions and Into a Real Loudspeaker Load
Part 1 - Part 2
by Peter van Willenswaard


Audio Innovations P-2 phono amp modification.
by Peter van Willenswaard

Fusing Output Valves
by Peter van Willenswaard

A modified Audio Innovations L-2 line amplifier
by Peter van Willenswaard

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