Component News

Wednesday 28 June 2017

The Toroidal/’Donut’ transformers (TRANS-268, TRANS-269, TRANS-278, TRANS-279 and TRANS-280) will be discontinued once our stock runs out (we have around 650pcs, and will obviously keep a few for servicing, as necessary). We will be offering an alternative but are currently running some tests. Prices and part numbers will be available after this.

Wednesday 28 June 2017

Our ever popular volume pot, SWITCH-211, has gone through a redesign. The aluminium shaft has been replaced with a Military Grade 'PEEK' plastic version, improving its performance and sound quality. The part number for the new item is SWITCH-211-V2, and you'll be pleased to hear that all measurements remain the same, as does the price.

Thursday 11 May 2017

As of today, Thursday 11th May 2017, all sales of Audio Note (UK) Wide Band Frequency Transformers will be suspended until further notice.

Due to a huge increase in the orders for Audio Note (UK) finished products, we are unable to fulfil any new orders for stand alone transformers without offering unacceptably long lead times. As we make all of these transformers by hand and in house, there are only so many we can produce, and supplying the quantities needed for our finished products takes precedence. So from today, I regret to inform you that we are suspending all orders for transformers until further notice. Any orders that are already placed with us will, of course, be fulfilled.

Peter Qvortrup May 11, 2017

1 July 2016

Audio Note (UK) is proud to present our own, custom made, solid silver cartridge tags.

We have struggled for many years to find cartridge tags that offered both great performance and reliability. Having tried every possible offering available today from other manufacturers, we decided - as we usually do! - that the only sensible course of action was to design and specify our own. After many months of trial and testing, we finally came up with a cartridge tag that met the high standards we required, and after investing over $8,000.00 for proper tooling to ensure future quality and long term repeatability, here are the results; the Audio Note (UK) solid silver cartridge tags.

Unlike the majority of cartridge tags available from other manufacturers, these are not simply repurposed industrial connectors with an extra flash plating of gold or silver. These are made from SOLID SILVER (not plated brass or copper as is usually the case) and are specifically designed to fit the pins of our IO cartridges precisely, offering the best possible connection between cartridge and tonearm cabling. Thanks to the design of the pin connection area, they can also be adjusted to fit a range of other cartridge pin sizes, reducing the often seen problem of the cartridge pin and tag not achieving a solid or reliable connection.

They also have a good sized cable connection area at the rear, with a scooped out middle section to aid fast and reliable soldering. This rear section can also be ‘clamped’ around the tonearm cable / solder joint if required, without altering the size or shape of the pin connection area.

As the connection surfaces of the tags are silver, we recommend using our own Audio Note (UK) Silver Solder for installation; there really is no better choice.

They are priced: Open price list

1 March 2014

We are now bringing to an end the free replacement scheme for copper bodied, copper foil paper in oil Audio Note (UK) Capacitors.

The final date for us to receive any capacitors that are to be inspected and considered for free replacement will be 1st September 2014.

Any copper bodied Audio Note (UK) branded paper in oil capacitors that have failed whilst in use, regardless of age, that arrive at our Shop in the U.K before this date will be eligible for consideration under the replacement scheme.

After this date, only recently supplied new production capacitors will covered under our standard 3 month warranty scheme, as described at the bottom of the Capacitors page on this site.

1 June 2013

We are separating the news about parts developments from the main new pages as it makes for a better focus on either, so here goes.

New Distribution Arrangements

From June 1, 2013 we are limiting the availability of most parts from general distribution, so from that date all component sales will take place from our salon in Paris and from a newly set up company in HK named Audio Note Parts.

Details of the above companies are:

Audio Note Parts HK Ltd.

At the moment mail order only, there are plans to open an outlet in HK, this will be notified on this news page when it has been confirmed.

Ms. Pat Yuen, Sales Administer, Tel.: +852 2408 4781 Email:, responsible for order processing, shipment and payment

Parts News

There are several new parts on their way so I shall start with the new non-magnetic Tantalum resistors, as these have already been available for a while.
Non-Magnetic Tantalum Resistors.

Starting in late September 2012 we will introduce a new range of 2 watt tantalum resistors, which are similar to the old Shinkoh resistors in that they are non-magnetic, using a copper end cap rather than the slightly magnetic iron/nickel end caps used in our standard range of tantalum resistors, with a tinned OFC copper lead out wire also used on our traditional tantalum resistors. We are restricted to 100KOhms on the non-magnetic 2 watt resistors, but experiments with a pure tantalum resistive coating (at the moment we use a tantalum oxide) will extend the range to 2M2 or so, so eventually, assuming that the equipment that did old style sputter process used previously can be resurrected.

So how does the lack of magnetic material affect the sound you might ask?

Now those of you familiar with the old long discontinued Shinkoh resistors may have compared to our slightly magnetic versions, and may therefore be able to nod in agreement to my experience which is that the Shinkohs sounded more transparent, layered, subtle and elegant, so you may be pleased to hear the new non-magnetic AN tants add further texture, a darker background and an even greater sense of immediacy or believability, call it what you like, to what the already fine, but sadly unavailable Shinkohs offered so this is a genuine advancement rather than just a pure replacement.
The new 2 watt versions will be priced at
Open price list as their cost is considerably higher than the standard type.

We will be working on offering also non-magnetic 1 and watt versions, but this will take a little time as the cost of materials, tooling etc. are very substantial, so with a bit of luck I expect we will see them in 2013 sometime all being well.

Non-Magnetic Tantalum Silver Resistors

We also have samples (nothing for sale yet) of a 2 watt tantalum resistor which has silver end caps and silver lead out wire, these are being tested at the moment, but early indications already show great promise sonically over and above the already great improvements the previously mentioned non-magnetic resistors achieve, so these may become “the last word” in audio resistors, I certainly hope so as the cost of development not to mention manufacture is almost prohibitive.

Expected retail price for the 2 watt silver tantalum resistor is expected to be just under Open price list, which when all is considered is not too bad.

New Speaker Terminals

As we learn more and more about the effects materials have on the sound quality of our equipment, and as more money become available to test ideas an materials it is becoming increasingly obvious that the traditional material choices in most connectors (regular brass is 57% copper and 43% zinc and zinc is not the most wonderful conductor and therefore has some significant sonic short comings, whereas Tellurium copper is 99.3% copper and 0.7% Tellurium) we are therefore developing a range of solid Tellurium copper connectors starting with a new speaker terminal dubbed the ONGAKU speaker terminal and closely followed by a Tellurium copper version of the widely used MEISHU STR speaker terminal, available in the usual two versions 10 mm and 25 mm shaft length.

We will make these new terminals available in both heavily silver plated and uncoated copper versions (like the silver plated versions the copper ones taint pretty quick, but still sound fine), pictures on the web site shortly of both, prices will be and all exclude UK Vat,

AN-STR/10, MEISHU speaker terminal, silver plated, red with 10 mm shaft Open price list

AN-STR/10, MEISHU speaker terminal, bare Tellurium copper, red 10 mm shaft Open price list

AN-STR/10, MEISHU speaker terminal, silver plated, black with 10 mm shaft Open price list

AN-STR/10, MEISHU speaker terminal, bare Tellurium copper, black with 10 mm shaft Open price list

AN-STR/25, MEISHU speaker terminal, silver plated, red with 25 mm shaft, Open price list

AN-STR/25, MEISHU speaker terminal, bare Tellurium copper, red with 25 mm shaft Open price list

AN-STR/25, MEISHU speaker terminal, silver plated, black with 25 mm shaft, Open price list

AN-STR/25, MEISHU speaker terminal, bare Tellurium copper, black with 25 mm shaft, Open price list

ONGAKU speaker terminal, silver plated, red, Open price list

ONGAKU speaker terminal, bare Tellurium copper, red, Open price list

ONGAKU speaker terminal, silver plated, black, Open price list

ONGAKU speaker terminal, bare Tellurium copper, black, Open price list

Chokes, & Output  & Mains Transformers

We are expanding the range of chokes to include a wider range of types, including various c-core versions, the output transformer offerings will be expanded as well, and we will be introducing a wide range of mains transformers, including many c-core types.

I am putting together the list at the moment, so more on that later, but suffice to say that there will be some serious news there coming up soon!

Peter Qvortrup