Audio Note™ Gold, Black & Chrome Plated Knobs

To add the finishing touch to your amplifier, I have decided to make available the Gold, Black and Chrome plated knobs we use on our finished products, see pictures below.

Order Code Description Price excl. UK Vat
MWK-01-9000 25 mm polished brass knob heavily gold plated 17.40
MWK-01-9003 25 mm matt chrome plated brass knob 17.40
MWK-01-9001 25 mm polished chrome plated knob 17.40
MWK-01-9004 25 mm shiny black knob 17.40
MWK-01-9005 25 mm matt black knob 17.40
MWK-03-9000 30 mm polished brass knob heavily gold plated 22.20
MWK-03-9001 30 mm polished chrome plated 22.20
MWK-03-9003 30 mm matt chrome plated 22.20
MWK-03-9004 30 mm shiny black knob 22.20
MWK-03-9005 30 mm matt black knob 22.20
MWK-45-9000 12 mm polished brass knob heavily gold plated 9.50
MWK-45-9001 12 mm polished chrome plated knob 9.50
MWK-45-9003 12 mm matt chrome plated knob 9.50
MWK-45-9004 12 mm shiny black knob 9.50

At the time of writing this, some of the 12 mm knobs are not in stock yet, so some delivery may be expected.

Seen from the left, 30 mm and 25 mm gold knobs with 25 mm matt chrome knob lower right.

Occasionally we have “seconds” of the above control knobs, these will have minor marks that make them unusable on finished products, but look perfectly fine, when available they are 50% off the above prices.

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