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Wednesday, 1 November 2018

Audio Note M9 RIAA Signature phono stage Review, Part 1 & Part 2

Thanks to Fred Crowder at

Click here to read Part 1 review

Click here to read Part 2 review

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Audio Note (UK) TT Three Turntable Review

Thanks to Fidelity Magazine and Cai Brockmann for a wonderful review of our exciting new Turntable.

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Sunday, 29 July 2018

Audio Note UK DAC 0.1x Review in Dagogo

Thanks to Richard Austen for taking the time to review our DAC.

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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Product of the Year Gold Award - Audio Note IO Ltd

We are delighted to announce that Terry and Peter over at AV Showrooms have honoured us with a 'Product Of The Year Gold Award' for our IO Limited cartridge!'

Thursday, 12 October 2017

The latest issue of HiFi Critic is out now, and they've reviewed our DAC4.1x digital to analogue converter

We are extremely pleased to reveal that they have honoured it with an 'Excellence' award, writing: -

"...The revised DAC 4.1x reminds me of the Grove-designed Tomei 211 integrated amplifier. The DAC and amplifier share a funky strand of sonic DNA that elevates both beyond the ordinary in the enjoyment of any and every kind of recorded material... It presents us with an opportunity to reconnect at a deeper level with the recorded material that we own, and to derive greater musical enjoyment and satisfaction from it. Audio Note (UK)’s DAC 4.1x Balanced is therefore a shoo-in for HIFICRITIC Audio Excellence status".

Thanks to Kevin Fiske for taking the time to review our DAC, and to HiFi Critic for deciding to review it.

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Best Room Under $100K

We are extremely pleased and honoured to hear that has given the Audio Note (UK) / True Sound room at the recent California Audio Show the award for 'Best Room Under $100K'

Thursday, 29 June 2017

The always informative (and beautifully put together) Fidelity magazine from Germany has reviewed Vincent Bélanger's 'Pure Cello' in their latest issue (number 32)

Thanks to everyone at Fidelity magazine for choosing to review Vincent's incredible disc, Cai Brockmann for providing us with the article, and especially to Hans von Draminski for writing the review.

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Our ever popular volume pot, SWITCH-211, has gone through a redesign

The aluminium shaft has been replaced with a Military Grade 'PEEK' plastic version, improving its performance and sound quality. The part number for the new item is SWITCH-211-V2, and you'll be pleased to hear that all measurements remain the same, as does the price.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

As of today, Thursday 11th May 2017, all sales of Audio Note (UK) Wide Band Frequency Transformers will be suspended until further notice

Due to a huge increase in the orders for Audio Note (UK) finished products, we are unable to fulfil any new orders for stand alone transformers without offering unacceptably long lead times.

As we make all of these transformers by hand and in house, there are only so many we can produce, and supplying the quantities needed for our finished products takes precedence. So from today, I regret to inform you that we are suspending all orders for transformers until further notice.

Any orders that are already placed with us will, of course, be fulfilled.

Peter Qvortrup
May 11, 2017

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Audio Note (UK) trip to Japan, 2017

Click here to read about the trip (PDF)

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Graeme Budd over at has kindly reviewed our IQ3 Moving Magnet cartridge

Read the full review at the link below, but to summarise, I think he liked it ;-)
"... I think we definitely have a contender (and possibly a winner) here for the "best MM" crown...
Leave your prejudices about MMs at home and prepare to be surprised"
Thanks to Graeme for taking the time to listen to and write about our top flight Moving Magnet cartridge,
and to the people at TNT Audio for publishing the review.


Thursday, 19 January 2017

Audio Note (UK) featured in Rolls Royce Book - 'A Legacy Of Luxury: Celebrating RRECs Diamond Jubilee'.

Link to the front page of the publication

The Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee and to commemorate this auspicious occasion, they have participated in the publication of a rather beautiful book entitled 'A Legacy Of Luxury: Celebrating RRECs Diamond Jubilee'.

Link directly to the AN(UK) page

Not only, as one would expect, it is packed full of enthralling Rolls Royce related information, but it also contains profiles and articles on other world leading luxury brands, the companies who strive for perfection, regardless of cost or difficulty. As I'm sure you will have guessed, Audio Note (UK) is one such featured company, and within the exquisitely printed pages, you'll find an interview with Audio Note (UK) founder and driving force, Peter Qvortrup.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

From the whole team at Audio Note

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Parts Connexion.

Audio Note components are now available from Parts Connexion in Canada. To find out more, please visit:

Monday, 15 August 2016

Audio Note are exhibiting at 'The Hi-fi Show' on 29/30th October 2016.

Audio Note will be demonstrating some exciting NEW products that you simply won't want to miss.
We look forward to seeing you at the show.

Click here to find our more.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

A big thank you to Audiophile Magazine for such an honour. Thank you.

'Our Distributor for Hong Kong, Elephant Holdings Ltd, gave us some great news this morning. 'Audiophile' magazine in Hong Kong has chosen to feature our SOOTTO Mains Cable on the front cover of the July issue, proclaiming it 'King Of Mains Cable'. We are naturally extremely pleased by this, and wish to thank all of the people at 'Audiophile' magazine for giving us this honour’.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A big thank you to AV Showrooms for the award. We are very honoured. Thank you.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Audio Note (UK) is proud to present our own, custom made, solid silver cartridge tags.

We have struggled for many years to find cartridge tags that offered both great performance and reliability. Having tried every possible offering available today from other manufacturers, we decided - as we usually do! - that the only sensible course of action was to design and specify our own. After many months of trial and testing, we finally came up with a cartridge tag that met the high standards we required, and after investing over $8,000.00 for proper tooling to ensure future quality and long term repeatability, here are the results; the Audio Note (UK) solid silver cartridge tags.

Unlike the majority of cartridge tags available from other manufacturers, these are not simply repurposed industrial connectors with an extra flash plating of gold or silver. These are made from SOLID SILVER (not plated brass or copper as is usually the case) and are specifically designed to fit the pins of our IO cartridges precisely, offering the best possible connection between cartridge and tonearm cabling. Thanks to the design of the pin connection area, they can also be adjusted to fit a range of other cartridge pin sizes, reducing the often seen problem of the cartridge pin and tag not achieving a solid or reliable connection.

They also have a good sized cable connection area at the rear, with a scooped out middle section to aid fast and reliable soldering. This rear section can also be ‘clamped’ around the tonearm cable / solder joint if required, without altering the size or shape of the pin connection area.

As the connection surfaces of the tags are silver, we recommend using our own Audio Note (UK) Silver Solder for installation; there really is no better choice.

They are priced at £6.00 (+ VAT and shipping) per tag.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

We are very pleased to announce a new Distributor in China for our components: Shenzhen An Sheng Audio Company Ltd.

Click here to visit the web site

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Audio Note M10 review - main points translated to English

Click here to read the PDF review

Monday, 14 March 2016

Audio Note M10 review

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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Audio Note Kegon Balanced reviewed by Hi-Fi Critic Magazine

Kevin Fiske reviews a valve amplifier that's actually the most costly Hi-Fi Critic has yet tried in terms of pounds per watt.

"The KBs are unquestionably the most linear amplifiers I have heard; their ability to transfer the three audio pillars of timing, timbre and dynamics faithfully is beyond reproach. In my experience it simply doesn’t get better than this." - Kevin Fiske

Click here to read the PDF review

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Audio Note Jinro Shochu featured on the latest front cover of the AUDIOPHILE magazine

Y.K. stated "The AUDIO NOTE Jinro Shochu set the new standard of the 211 power amplifier."

Thursday, 11 June 2015


Personalities, Stories, Enterprises—Vol. 1
An interview with Andy Grove of Audio Note.

Click here to read the PDF article

Thursday, 11 June 2015


Personalities, Stories, Enterprises—Vol. 1
An interview with Peter Qvortrup of Audio Note.

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Friday, 22 May 2015

Audio Note AN-K/SPe Speaker Review

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Monday, 4 May 2015

Classic Album Sundays event - not to be missed! Saturday 6th June: 5pm - 8pm

Click here to book advanced tickets for this exciting event

Monday, 4 May 2015

A big thank you to AV Showrooms for the award. We are very honoured. Thank you.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Audio Note M8 Signature Preamplifier on the front cover of Hi fi Review, February 2015 Issue.


“Audio Note” let you forget all of the audio effect. The beautiful tone easily move the audience to concentrate into the enjoyment of the essence of music.”

“Convincing reality.”

“Good feeling and long after taste as good wine.”

Sunday, 18 January 2015

New Audio Note AN-E, AN-J and AN-K speaker stand options.

These speaker stands are now available in Gloss White, Matte White, Gloss Black and of course the usual Textured Black. For further information, please contact Audio Note.

wednesday, 09 June 2014

New reduced price for Slate finish AN-E loudspeakers.

Thanks to the hard work of our expert cabinet manufacturers in Austria, we are now able to offer the premium Slate finish at a greatly reduced price. Please contact you local Distributor or Dealer for more information..

wednesday, 12 March 2014

The highly respected 'Audiophile' magazine of Hong Kong has graced us with a glowing review for the PALADIN amplifier in its March issue.

Reviewer Y.K. Chan wrote "... when matched with the appropriate system, the PALADIN is a most beautiful and elegant sounding valve amplifier...".

We are extremely pleased to hear that Mr Chan enjoyed the PALADIN and thank him for his time and positive comments. Needless to say, we are honoured to receive such a wonderful review.

sunday, 19 february 2014

It gives us great pleasure to announce that HIFI REVIEW magazine in Hong Kong has named our AN-E/SPx Alnico 'PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2013'.

We are extremely honoured to receive the award, and thank HiFi Review for recognising us in this way.

sunday, 02 february 2014

New finishes available for Audio Note TT-One Deluxe and TT-Two Deluxe Turntables

Audio Note now offer the deluxe versions of their classic TT-One and TT-Two turntables with plinths finished in high gloss Black or White. The understated, clean lines of these models look even more striking in these new finishes.

wednesday, 22 january 2014

Dagogo reviews the wonderful Audio Note iZero Integrated Amplifier

Click on the image above or click here to read the review.

thursday, 10 october 2013

Audio Note graces the front cover of Luxury Lifestyle Magazine 'Aspect County'

The Autumn Edition of Aspect County features a five page Audio Note feature written by Luxurie.
Click on the image above (magazine cover) to read the article.

wednesday, 9 october 2013

Review from Hong Kong for the M8 Line Signature

Audiophile magazine, the leading HiFi journal in Hong Kong, has given the M8 Line Signature a sterling review.

Reviewer Y.K. Chan had the following things to say: -
“I enjoyed music with M8 Line Signature for the whole afternoon. It sounds so exciting that I completely forgot about dinner!”
“It is one of the most exciting modern-made pre amps that I have ever auditioned.”
“With the M10 and now the M8, other high end tube amp manufacturers will have much more difficulty.”

Need we say more?!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

M10 Signature launched!

We are extremely proud to announce the arrival of the M10 Line Signature, our latest and finest Line stage preamplifier.

Developed from the groundbreaking M10 Line, it features a host of improvements and refinements:

  • Larger and significantly improved 55% Nickel Double C-Core output transformers
  • Larger and significantly improved input transformers
  • Two pairs of Balanced / XLR inputs, each feeding dedicated input transformers
  • Significantly improved power supply, providing greater stability, clarity and refinement

Say Hello to your new Reference!

Below is a brief description of the development process of the M10 Line Signature from Andy Grove, Designer in Chief at Audio Note (UK): - “...We know what happened when the M10 was released to market. What was intended to be just a special preamp for a few chosen customers became a phenomena in itself... If we fast forward to today, then we can discuss the M10 Signature. The concept is essentially the same, but I have further optimised the PSU by changing valves and utilising their characteristics. In the M10 Standard, we have a EL34 as the shunt valve and a 6SL7 configured as a current reference, which in turn defines the output voltage. In the Signature I have substituted a 12E1 for the shunt, and a 6SJ7 as the current reference. The 12E1 is a Special Quality beam tetrode, similar in some ways to the KT88. It has considerably more power capacity than an EL34 so I can increase the shunt current. The fact that it's a beam tetrode lends a harder clarity to the sound, which requires some modification further down the line. I replaced the 6SL7 current source with one built around a 6SJ7, this was done so I could pass more current in the C.S., and because I could create a bootstrap circuit around it and feed a more accurate AC signal to the grid of the 12E1.

The preamp unit of the Signature is also upgraded, I redesigned the output transformers, this time using a much larger core of the same 55% nickel iron material C-Cores. This allowed me to increase the bandwidth and lower the distortion of the output transformer as compared to the original. To further improve things I designed a new input transformer, again on a larger core. The results are the same as for the output transformer. However here I have used a double screen between primary and secondary to separate the grounds internal to the preamp and external to it. These improvements to the transformers are akin to having larger windows on your house, more light is allowed inside so you can see more clearly. The upgrades to the power supply and to the transformers made an incredible difference to the absolute clarity of the machine. However, we are not in the business of making lab instruments: The M10 is about musicality.

So, the next step was to tune the circuitry by ear, and for an audio component of this quality level that requires time, knowledge, good ears, patience – and a good system in which to insert the unit and listen to it. In the end not too much was required to be done, the incredible clarity meant that I had to slightly rebalance the voicing of the preamp (I have a box of "magic components"!). It took some time to get it exactly right, but the results were absolutely worth it. Not only were we hearing into recordings to an unprecedented depth, but the sound had a beautiful organic tone, for example wooden instruments felt like they were wood, you could feel it inside yourself, not just hear it. Percussion was tidy, but not blunt, rigid and "square edged": Drums had a defined dynamic envelope and resonance. What really left us with open mouths, and a tear in our eyes, was the representation of voices. It seemed that before, even with the M10 Standard, you heard a voice, but there is a thin veil between the sound of that voice and the communication with your soul. The Signature lifted that veil, and Ella was singing to each of us personally. We know what it means when you look at a pretty girl across the street, and then she turns and looks in your eye..."

Saturday, 1 September 2012

CDT6 launched!

In the recent HiFi Critic review of the CDT6 and Fifth Force / Fifth Element DAC combination, Martin Colloms was significantly impressed, concluding: -

...and my finding is that this CD ‘transport’/DAC is outright marvellous, newly defining the inherent quality of Red Book digital audio, which can be so much better than we had imagined was possible. It poses the question: “Why has it taken a specialist valve audio manufacturer to achieve this after 30 years of highly informed digital engineering by the audio industry as a whole?... we owe a debt to the Audio Note UK team for showing just what is possible. Here is a CD player which really can give high end analogue a run for its money...”

Need we say more?

Saturday, 1 September 2012

ISIS cables... The New Copper Reference

The recently introduced ISIS Reference Copper interconnect cables have been an enormous success, redefining many listeners’ expectations of what was possible with a copper cable. As a result, we have decided to expand the Reference Copper range, and we now present the ISIS LX168 loudspeaker cable and the ISIS Mains cable.


This is not only first true Reference Copper loudspeaker cable in the History of Audio Note (UK) it is also a departure from a design perspective. Previously, all of our cables were intended to be configured with four separate cables per side for true bi-wire configuration, or two separate cables per side for single wire configuration. ISIS LX168 – thanks to its large strand count and 8 True Litz conductor design – can be used in a variety of cost effective and high performance configurations: -

Single Cable / Single Wire
This configuration uses a single run of ISIS LX168 per side (between amplifier and loudspeaker) and is terminated as a single wire cable (a pair of connectors, ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ at each end of the cable)

Single Cable / Bi-Wire
This configuration uses a single run of ISIS LX168 per side (between amplifier and loudspeaker) and is terminated as a bi-wire cable (a pair of connectors, ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ at the amplifier end and two pairs of connectors at the loudspeaker end)

Twin Cable / Single Wire
This configuration uses a two runs of ISIS LX168 per side (between amplifier and loudspeaker) and is terminated as a single wire cable (a single connector at each end of the cable)

Twin Cable / Bi-Wire
This configuration uses two runs of ISIS LX168 per side (between amplifier and loudspeaker) and is terminated as a bi-wire cable (a single connector at the amplifier end and a pair of connectors at the loudspeaker end)

Quad Cable / Bi-Wire
This configuration uses a four runs of ISIS LX168 per side (between amplifier and loudspeaker) and is terminated as a full bi-wire cable (a single connector at each end of the cable) This offers the ultimate in Reference Copper loudspeaker cable performance.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

ISIS Mains

In the near future we will be completing the ISIS Reference Copper range of cables with ISIS Mains, our dedicated mains cable. As yet specifications are unconfirmed, but we will be providing further information in the coming weeks.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

First ISIS review

The highly regarded Hong Kong HiFi journal 'HiFi Review' has graciously placed our ISIS copper reference interconnect on its front cover. Needless to say, we are all very proud and honoured! :

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

King of the EL84 Valve Amplifier

...that is how the highly regarded reviewer Y.K. Chan described the OTO SE Signature in his review for the February 2012 edition of the Hong Kong magazine Audiophile. We agree completely! :

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Products of the Year

We were honoured and extremely proud to hear that our CDT-Four and DAC3.1x/II were awarded 'Products of the Year' by the Hong Kong magazine HiFi Review.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Zero System Review

Our introductory Zero system has received an extremely positive review at the hands of the audio legend Jimmy Hughes:

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

TT-Two Deluxe review

Our TT-Two Deluxe has received a glowing review in the U.K. magazine HiFi Choice:

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

AN-Vx 31

Our much loved interconnect AN-Vx has now received an increase in strand count... the latest version is now AN-Vx 31.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Whilst the rest of the audiophile world continues it delusional and ultimately doomed love affair with the currently fashionable crop of what claim to be 'high resolution' computer sources, we at Audio Note (UK) continue to extract even greater degrees of information and quality from Red Book CD, which is still the best, currently available digital music format. To this end, we proudly introduce the latest in our line of extreme performance dedicated Red Book CD Transports, the CDT-Six... Final specifications are as yet to be confirmed, but suffice to say, no digital music format has ever sounded this natural, complete and convincing before...

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Kensei and Shochu

For those craving the unsurpassed performance of our own ONGAKU amplifier but with the added flexibility of a balanced preamplifier input, the wait is over. We are now offering stereo chassis power amplifier versions of the ONGAKU, TOMEI and JINRO, all of which replace the volume control and multiple single ended inputs with a single, balanced XLR input, perfectly configured to combine effortlessly with the balanced XLR output of our upper level preamplifiers. The ONGAKU Kensei, TOMEI Kensei and JINRO Shochu are all available in the same finishes as their integrated amplifier brothers; aluminium or anodised black for the JINRO and TOMEI, and copper or piano black for the ONGAKU.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Deluxe TTs

The TT-One and TT-Two Deluxe models are now shipping and available to order from your local Audio Note (UK) representative. Featuring plinths made to the same exacting standards and from the same materials as our loudspeaker cabinets, hand finished in the same Austrian Factory, the new Deluxe models also feature improved component quality for the power supplies. Available plinth veneers are Black Ash, Cherry or Rosewood, all in our subtle and durable standard satin finish.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


The Neiro mono amplifiers have always occupied a particularly special place in the Audio Note (UK) range. Producing 8 of the sweetest, most emotionally involving watts imaginable, thanks to the use of a pair of the legendary 2A3 valves per amplifier and our own extremely special copper / silver output transformers, the performance of the Neiro amplifiers is held in suitably high regard by audiophiles around the world.

Unfortunately, such extreme levels of performance command a high price, and we were continually asked if we could produce an amplifier with many of the characteristics of the Neiro but in a more affordable package... and finally, such an amplifier is here, in the form of the Empress. Sharing the same circuit design as the Neiro, Empress replaces the costly copper / silver transformers with all copper versions, helping to retaining some of the character, subtlety and purity of the Neiro whilst enabling it to be offered at a considerably reduced price point. Never have 8 such beguiling watts been so affordable!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

New Tonearms

We are extremely proud to announce the introduction of our new range of tonearms, the ARM-One/II, ARM-Two/II and ARM-Three/II. Replacing our previous models which were based on the well regarded but sadly discontinued REGA RB250, the new models are completely designed by us and manufactured in Austria, allowing for a level of consistency, accuracy, finish and performance that was previously impossible to achieve. The arm tube of each model is machined from a solid billet of aluminium, with both an internal and external taper, improving stiffness and resonance control.

The ARM-One/II is equipped with copper internal arm wire and AN-A copper external cable, the ARM-Two/II features our own silver internal arm wire and AN-V silver external cable, and finally the ARM-Three/II features silver internal arm cable and AN-Vx external cable. All models are available in both anodised black or silver finishes, and are capable of carrying an extremely wide range of cartridges, both moving magnet and moving coil.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


To fill the previously cavernous performance gap between our AN-SPx and SOGON-LX96 loudspeaker cables, we have introduced a new model, SOGON-Minor. The new cable retains the physical design and geometry of SOGON-LX96 but has a reduced strand count, allowing us to offer a cable with many of the benefits of SOGON-LX96, but at a more afordable price point.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

SE Signature Models

Audio Note (UK) is proud to announce the introduction of the Signature versions of some of our longest running and most popular models. We now offer Signature versions of the classic OTO SE, SORO SE, P1 SE and P2 SE. All Signature models benefit from the inclusion of Audio Note copper foil capacitors and Tantalum resistors in key areas and the addition of considerably improved output transformers built on double c-cores and using our own IHiB core material. The improvements in performance these transformers bring is quite simply stunning, and will redefine your expectations of these classic and rightfully well loved designs.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Systemdek Components

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the end of our supply of spare parts for the classic Systemdek IIX model turntables. We have exhausted our supply of replacement acrylic platters for the majority of these models, and until we can source an appropriately stable and consistent source of the correct acrylic platter material, we can only supply replacement platters for the versions with large subplatter centres. We no longer have replacement 'tear-drop' armboards, or replacement motors. However, if you do require a replacement motor, please contact us via the service email address found on the 'contacts' page, and we can provide you with the information of an appropriate supplier.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

AN-K foams

After many months of continuous research and development, we are able to offer a correct replacement foam surround for both our own AN-K loudspeakers and also the older Snell type K models. Finally, owners of these outstanding bookshelf designs have a replacement foam surround that is of the correct size, material and stiffness. We can now offer replacement foam surrounds for the classic Snell E, J or K models, and obviously all of our own models, regardless of age or generation.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Audio Note (UK) is proud to announce the introduction of a new reference copper interconnect, named ISIS.

As LEXUS can be seen as a copper version of SOGON, so ISIS is a copper version of or flagship interconnect SOOTTO, sharing its geometry and design. Never before has a copper cable offered this level of performance, and it will undoubtedly delight and surprise you in equal measure.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

SME tonearm cables...

For those of you who own tonearms with removable output cables equipped with an SME style 5 pin armbase plug, it's worth remembering that all of our interconnects can be special ordered with an appropriate connector attached. Please contact us for further information!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Audio Note (UK) Kits

Audio Note (UK) Kits are not available through our retailers or distributors, and are exclusively sold via mail order. This helps us to keep retail prices down which offers you, the customer, the best possible deal.

Any customers who are interested in purchasing Audio Note (UK) kits should contact the following representatives: -

U.K. Customers: Nick Lucas, HiFiCollective

All other territories: Brian Smith, Audio Note Kits,

Thursday, 23 April 2010

CD 3.1x/II

Continuing with our mission to bring you, the discerning listener, the finest performing equipment at all price levels, we proudly introduce the CD3.1x/II, our latest Level Two integrated CD player.

Those of you who visited us at the Las Vegas Show, and on Saturday at the recent London High Fidelity Show at Heathrow, can testify as to just how impressive this one box machine can be.

Available as always with brushed aluminum fascia or the classic black acrylic.

Thursday, 23 April 2010

Say hello to our little friends

Following the great success of the relaunched AZ range of loudspeakers, Audio Note (UK) have decided to relaunch their smaller brothers, the AX models. Offering superb performance for their incredibly modest price, the AX designs are perfect for those looking for a very compact bookshelf or standmount 'speaker.

Prepare to be amazed!

Thursday, 21 April 2010


Any of you who have visited us at recent Shows will now be familiar with the JINRO, our latest integrated amplifier. It features exactly the same circuit found in the legendary ONGAKU, but utilises copper instead of silver for all transformer windings etc.

Offering 27 watts in pure class A, the JINRO thoroughly deserves the title 'Baby ONGAKU'.

Thursday, 21 April 2010

AZ speakers reborn!

Audio Note have decided to reintroduce the highly affordable AZ loudspeaker range, beginning with the AZ-TWO and AZ-THREE models.

Both are floorstanding, rear loaded, folded quasi parabolic horn designs with rear facing ports, and use two drive units per cabinet. They are highly efficient and offer partnering amplifiers with a very easy load, making them the perfect choice for any of the Audio Note designs.

The quest for an affordable, compact, high sensitivity, wide frequency response loudspeaker to suit real world rooms resulted in Audio Note reinvestigating the principles of rear loaded horn cabinet design. The product of this research is the redesigned AZ range, that not only redefines the quality / price ratio, but also offers an emotionally engaging performance that is in a class of its own.

The new generation models feature greatly improved cabinet construction and finish, a very easy 6 ohm load, efficiency in the 93 - 94dB region, and are available in a variety of finishes.

Thursday, 19 April 2010


The ANKORU is reborn! Please welcome the ANKORU/II!

45 Watts of 211 powered, Class A parallel single ended authority and finesse, a rare and beautiful combination.

Thursday, 14 April 2010

M3 / M5 / M6 / M8 PSU Modification

In our continuing mission to constantly improve our products, we have discovered a modification for the power supplies of the M3, M5, M6 and M8 pre amplifiers.

It is a very simple but thoroughly worthwhile modification. Please contact us via e-mail , and we can send you the appropriate information.

Thursday, 14 April 2010

SOGON Mains cable ... is the best sounding A.C. Cable in my 30 years of audio-recommendation experience!

So said Y.K. Chan in the AUDIOPHILE magazine.

He further praised the cables: Excellent transparency and musical detail and Rich and velvet-like string and vocal adding ... Never in my experience that an A.C. power cable can create so beautiful music. Incredible!

He summed up the SOGON with these words: AUDIO NOTE reveal to us that a correct designed A.C. power cable can bring our music enjoyment to the unknown high boundary.

We completely agree! Thank you Sir!

Thursday, 10 April 2010

TT1 receives Best Buy award in Image HiFiMagazine

The discerning and obviously highly intelligent people at Image HiFi Magazine in Germany have awarded the TT1 a 'Best Buy' recommendation in their annual awards issue

Thursday, 10 April 2010

REGA TTs get the Audio Note Treatment

Good news for all REGA TT owners! It is possible to use the superb Audio Note acrylic platters - as utilised on the TT1 and TT2 - with Rega turntables, which will offer an instant and dramatic improvement over the stock glass or MDF versions.

We can supply a pair of 'O' rings with each platter that will centre it on the REGA sub platter, as illustrated above.

Thursday, 18 March 2010


If ultimate power and control is what you crave, then there is only one solution... A pair of Gaku-on.

Based around the circuit developed for the Ankoru/II, the Gaku-on takes performance to a new level, Producing 45 Watts in pure Class A from a pair of 211 triodes, and utilising silver wherever possible.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

CDT 5, the new 'Reference'

The CDT5 represents an unparalleled level of performance and development in the world of Red Book CD playback. There is, quite simply, nothing else in production that achieves this level of performance from the humble silver disc.

Sporting an incredible complement of design innovations, this really is the ultimate in the world of CD Transports.

Specifications include: -
  • Valve digital output stage
  • Valve rectified power supply
  • Custom designed and manufactured Output Transformer
  • Sprung sub chassis mounted, custom modified Philips CD Pro2LF transport mechanism
  • All silver wired
  • Full loaded with Black Gate capacitors
  • PALLAS cable used for internal digital signal transfer
Available with brushed aluminium or black acrylic facia.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Zero the Hero...

The new version of the Zero range is now available!

Consisting of the 9 watts per channel I Zero integrated amplifier, the CD Zero one box player, the CDT Zero/II transport, the DAC0.1x and the R Zero phonostage, the range not only offers performance unrivalled at this price-point, but the elegant looks and superb build quality one would expect from Audio Note.

Available with either brushed aluminium facias or the classic black acrylic.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

SOOTTO interconnects

With 120 strands of pure silver in each conductor, split between 3 different wire gauges to further enhance signal transfer behaviour, SOOTTO rewrites much of what interconnects are supposed to do, its clarity and dynamic differentiation almost defies what one would have thought possible.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Pallas interconnect and Digital cables

Being of litz construction, our interconnects have a higher capacitance than some. This is not an issue in most circumstances, however, between the high impedance secondary of our moving coil transformers (100k Ohm) and the pre-amplifier input, the cable needs to have high transfer ability but with low capacitance.

So over the past few years we have worked on a low capacitance addition to our cable range. Dubbed 'Pallas' after the comet that gave name to the metal Palladium, it is a pure silver foil design which has a fine Palladium plating, an air dielectric within a Teflon tube which is then encased in silk, and finally covered with a protective, braided sheath.

Available in RCA / RCA configuration only, terminated with our own AN-P silver plated connectors.

As it is incredibly time consuming to manufacture and completely had constructed, availability is somewhat limited!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

SOGON Mains Cable

It is often said that 'good things come to those who wait'...

Well, the wait is finally over, and it is very, very good. Audio Note have finally released their first dedicated mains cable, the SOGON.

Unlike most of the supposed 'high end' power cables that pollute the market, SOGON has been fully certified to meet all current European electrical safety standards, so not only is it exceptionally good from a sound quality perspective, it also won't invalidate your home insurance!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


The new, flagship Step Up Transformer is now available!

AN-S9 is an incredible leap forward in performance, and is fitted as standard with Pallas output interconnects. Nothing will adequately prepare you for just how incredible this is, or how much more information it lets through.