Sharing the circuit design found in the legendary Ongaku and Jinro amplifiers, the Tomei bridges the gap between them. Utilising a combination of both copper and silver for the transformers, its performance is both unique and beguiling. A 6463 input stage drives an in-house designed and manufactured 1:2 copper/silver wired driver transformer on a double AN-Perma 50 nickel C-core, followed by a pair of 211 output triodes running in single ended, class A. Level 4 components are used throughout, including Audio Note™ 1 watt Tantalum resistors, Cerafine & Black Gate electrolytic capacitors in critical places, in-house designed and manufactured copper/silver wired double AN-Perma 50 nickel C-core output transformers, 2 x NOS 5R4WGB rectifiers, and a HiB double C-core mains transformer.

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Product Brief

Product Specification
Output Valves:
18w (approx.) ClassA

Product Specification
Audio Note Tomei single ended integrated amplifier