Ankoru / II
Audio Note Ankoru Parallel Single-Ended Class A Monoblock Amplifier




The ANKOUR/II is a true, fully balanced design, supplied as a pair of mono amplifiers. They utilise the finest components including Audio Note (UK) tantalum resistors, a mix of Cerafine and high grade electrolytic capacitors, our own IHiB double C-core output transformers and fully balanced 1:3 input transformers for the 600 Ohm balanced XLR inputs.

The circuit is fully transformer coupled - once again using our own superb custom transformers - and each amplifier uses a 6V6GT to drive a pair of 211 output triodes in parallel single ended configuration to produce a devastating 45 watts of pure class A triode power. As one would expect, the amplifiers are valve rectified, using a pair of the highly regarded 5R4WGB valves per chassis.

The ANKORU/II has been designed to fulfil all Level Three criteria: -

  • Pure Class A operation
  • Zero Negative Feedback
  • Single Ended output stage
  • Valve rectification
  • Directly heated triode operation
  • Materials and component quality

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