Systemdek II Acrylic Platter Upgrade

Due to popular demand we are introducing an acrylic platter upgrade for the Systemdek II, IIx and IIxe, this acrylic platter replaces the glass platter and felt mat on Systemdek turntables, the upgrade is £135.00 EX VAT**

**Please note this price is for the platter, the sub platter is depicted for illustrative purposes only.

The glass platter weighs 1.74 kgs, the acrylic platter weighs 1.3 kgs and is 8 mm thicker. The differences between glass with felt and acrylic are well documented, but they are mainly greater evenness, better differentiation of instruments, improved low level detail and better timbral integrity.

Setup: There is no need to change anything except the height of the arm and a minor reset of suspension.

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