DAC 1.1x / II

The DAC 1.1x/II digital to analogue converter uses Audio Note™ 1Xoversampling™ and Direct From Disc™ techniques which in our opinion has proven to be musically superior to other over sampling methods. The kit uses the well proven Crystal CS8412CP input receiver, and the DAC chip is the Analog Devices dual 18bit AD1865. The tube output stage uses a single ECC82 as a common cathode amplifier which provides voltage gain to allow the DAC 1.1x/II to be used with any active preamplifier and some passive preamplifiers.

The DAC 1.1x/II is housed in a steel chassis finished in black powder coating and a natural colour 5mm anodised brushed aluminum face plate with a satin finish or black acrylic panel with a piano lacquer finish.

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DAC 1.1x/II
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Product Specification
Audio Note DAC 1.1x digital to analogue convertor