M10 Line

The main feature of the M10 is it power supplies, it is a stereo control center with two MEISHU size boxes for the line stage alone. Component quality? The best components we currently offer, except silver wired chokes and mains transformers, otherwise C-core power supply transformers where possible.

The Galahad power supplies are really the main feature, these patent applied for units provide the circuit with “ better than battery” quality voltage and current, featuring 1 x EL34, 1 x 6X5, 1 x 5Y3, 1 x OD3, 1 x 6SL7. The line stage unit has custom made Audio Note™ 99.99% pure silver wired transformer coupled balanced inputs and outputs, calibrated mono volume controls, enough inputs and outputs. Only the best sounding NOS ECC82/12AU7 and the 6463 double triodes the diamond marked Telefunken!

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2 plus Balanced

Product Specification
Audio Note M10 Valve Hifi Preamplifier